Electric Boat Trailer Winch

Electric Boat Trailer Winch by Atlantic Products

If you’re on the search for an electric boat trailer winch that’s guaranteed to last, look no further. When you choose Atlantic Products, you are choosing the most durable winch products on the market. All of our winches, including our electric boat trailer winch, are Dacromet™ rust resistant. So, even if you haven’t had the chance to get out on the water in a while, you don’t have to worry about the state of your winch when the time comes to launch. Further, they are all exposed to 336+ hours of continuous salt spray resistance testing before hitting the shelf. And in case that isn’t assurance enough, all of our brake winches are NATA accredited, and tested for mechanical destruction. Don’t hesitate taking your boat out in fear of your winch failing. An investment in an electric boat trailer winch by Atlantic Products, is an investment for life.

Electric Boat Trailer Winch

Our Electric Boat Trailer Winch specifications

No matter what kind of vessel you have, we are sure to have an electric boat trailer winch to suit. Our electric winches are ideal for everything, from small jetskis, right up to 25ft boats. Available in 2 ratio sizes, our electric boat trailer winch options include:

  • 900kg (2000lb) – with power in and free spool out, this 12 volt and 280w motor winch has a 460:1 gear ratio, making it the ideal option for jetskis and tinnies.
  • 1350kg (3000lb) – with power in and power out, this 12 volt and 300w motor winch has a 729:1 gear ratio, making it the ideal option for 18-25ft boats.

For more information about our winch products, visit our online catalogue! In it you will find a ‘Winch Selector Guide’, which will give you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect winch. Visit https://atlanticproducts.com.au/catalogues/ to find out more!

Why you can’t go past Atlantic Products

In addition to our electric boat trailer winch range, we also boast a variety of other marine products. While winches are our specialty, we also manufacture and stock a wide range of trailer accessories, towing accessories, and tyres and wheels. If you can’t find exactly what you need online, our team of friendly staff will be happy to assist! We are 100% Australian owned and operated, with our headquarters located in South Australia. However, we are stocked by leading distributors across Australia, and overseas! Due to the exponential growth in demand for our products, we also now have warehouse facilities in each major Australian city, as well as Shanghai and Hong Kong, for faster lead times into Europe, Africa and the USA. As a result, we invest heavily in product development to ensure we are always offering our customers the best.

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