Submersible LED Lights

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Submersible LED lights are waterproof and available in many shapes and sizes to suit your application. The Atlantic Products team has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows how to manufacture the ideal submersed LED lights you want. We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated company based in Adelaide and serve overseas clients. Moreover, we manufacture and distribute winches, wheels, and trailer accessories to the marine, agriculture, mining, and construction industries. Our team also offers various products for sale under our Atlantic Products brand and OEM/Private label solutions when needed.

Atlantic Products also specialise in Contract Manufacturing and produce quality items at affordable prices. You can talk to us about various products, including metal fabrication, aluminium casting, high-volume production, and commodity products. Atlantic Products has grown and expanded its business over its many years of existence. We have warehouse facilities in all primary cities in Australia and others in Shanghai and Hong Kong for faster lead times to key markets in Europe, Africa, and the USA.

Submersible LED Lights
Submersible LED Lights

Get Quality Submersible LED Lights

Our team offers energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing submersible LED lights for your boat trailer or other water-based applications. Although LED technology has existed since the 1960s, it was only a few years ago that submersible LED lights became the most sought-after design choices for homes, social events, and boat trailers. The lights are ideal for use at any submerged level, or you can place them on a flat surface or suspend them firmly.

The submersible LED lights are approved by the Department of Transport & Roads and have been engineered and tested. They include the number-plate light and fully submersible LED boat trailer light. The product is made from strong polycarbonate lenses that give better illumination and offer a long life. Our submersible LED lights are ideal for boat trailers up to eight metres long. We offer various choices, including a pair of fully submersible LED boat trailer lights, boat trailer wiring, and flat plug connector kits.

Contacting Our Team for Submersible LED Lights

The efficient power consumption of LEDs has made them the ideal choice for submersible light manufacturers. The massive drop in prices and high shock tolerance have cemented their long-term viability in the industry. Submersible LED lights use lightweight, transparent plastic or tempered glass casings that are water-tight and can withstand mild pressure. LED lights also come in various colors to suit your preferences. Submersible LED lights have many advantages, including;

  • Applicability
    Besides boat trailers, you can use submersible LED lights in aquariums to complement your interiors. You can also use them in various outdoor settings since they can withstand severe weather and temperatures.
  • Longevity
    Submersible LED lights are durable, especially since they can survive underwater.
  • Safety
    The lights provide a sense of safety since they alert you to a boat in motion. The lights lower the chances of an accident, thus protecting people and goods.
Submersible LED Lights

Let us help you get quality and affordable submersible LED lights for your boat trailer. Call us today to learn more about our LED lights.