Electric Boat Winch

Electric Boat Winch by Atlantic Products

On your search for an electric boat winch, there are a few things you must consider. Does the winch have the capacity to handle the size of your vessel? Is it going to rust if not used regularly enough? Do you need a winch that pulls a jetski, boat or car, or one that lifts an anchor out of the water? While these all seem quite obvious, we make it our mission to ensure you choose the perfect winch for you. To help with this, we have constructed an easy-to-use Atlantic Winch Selector Guide! In it, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of specifications for all types of Atlantic winches, including our Electric Boat Winch. Should you not find the information you’re looking for, our friendly team are always available to assist via phone or email.

Electric Boat Winch

Electric Boat Winch specifications

Upon viewing our Atlantic Winch Selector Guide, you will see a page which illustrates exactly what electric boat winch will be ideal for your jetski or boat. Our electric range is currently comprised of two key models with the following specifications:

  • 900kg (2000lb) capacity – this winch has a gear ratio of 460:1 and is equipped with a 12 volt 280w motor. It’s power in and free spool out characteristics make it perfect for jetskis and tinnies.
  • 1350kg (3000lb) capacity – this winch has a gear ratio of 729:1 and is equipped with a 12 volt 300w motor. It’s power in and power out characteristics make it the ideal option for 18-21ft boats.

There is absolutely no reason to worry about rust when it comes to our winches. All are Dacromet™ rust resistant and tested to 336+ hours of continuous salt spray resistance before they hit the shelf.

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